xanax dosagesXanax is commonly available in two dosage strengths such as 1mg and 2mg. This is an anti-anxiety medication and can also be taken to treat depression. The preferred dosage strength is based on the requirement of the medical ailment.

Why there are two doses available for Xanax medication?

There are millions of people who are affected by this condition in the world and not all people would suffer from same severity. Some would suffer from less severity whereas others might experience minor symptoms.

It is more than enough for few people to take 1mg but some people need Xanax with 2mg dosage strength. To cater to the needs of different people the drug manufacturing company has developed two dosage strengths.

How can an anti-anxiety medication help patients with depression?

xanax for depressionThere are various anti-depressants on the market but Xanax can also be taken through this is an anti-anxiety pill. People with depression would not have happy mood and they feel sad all the time. They lose interest in their daily routine and activities. This is all caused due to certain chemicals changes in the central nervous system.

Xanax is a medication that can act on the brain and convert these into balanced chemicals. So, there will be a sudden lift in the mood of a person. They not only feel relaxed but also find that their anxiety symptoms would be reduced.

Is it approved to take Xanax for depression?

No, Xanax is not approved for treating depressed patients. However, the doctor can definitely instruct their patients to take a medication that is not approved but still can be helpful to them.

This is referred as off-label usage. You would have known that the single medication can be taken for multiple purposes. It would have been manufactured for a person but at a later point in time, the researchers might find that it can also be taken to treat another medical ailment.

This is the same case with regards to the medication. Though it is actually designed to treat Panic disorder symptoms in a person, in clinical trials it is found that people can also be benefitted for depression.

Will you suffer from side effects if Xanax is taken for this purpose?

xanax side effectsEven if you are taking Xanax for the actual purpose, it is still possible that you can suffer from a side effect. So, as far as the benefits are higher than the risks, it is possible for you to take this medication. However, it is a must that you have to be very careful during the treatment as it would cause addiction. People who are already suffering from Psychiatric problems find it very difficult to control the usage.

If your known ones are suffering from this condition and are on Xanax treatment then you should have a close watch on them to avoid them abusing it. As far as our review is concerned, it is a wonderful medication for treating both anxiety and depression.