Panic Attacks and Its CausesPanic attacks are wrongly considered as a sign of some mental health disorder, although it occurs in people with anxiety and certain mental health problems. The reason for the onset of panic disorder is yet to be determined by medical researchers. For every person with this mental health condition, the cause of the problem may not be the same and can vary from individual to individual. However, there are certain factors that can be traced back to as the cause after the person develops the ailment. Read on to explore some of the causes of panic disorder in detail.

Why Panic Attacks Occur – The Causes

Panic disorder often becomes full blown panic attacks with frequent episodes if the prime condition responsible for causing the mental ailment is left untreated. Some of the causes of panic attacks are as follows:

  • It is possible for panic disorder to be passed through the genes. Having a family member with this condition increases the risk of another close family member to also develop the condition.
  • Chemical imbalances in the brain that have the potential to cause mental health problems can also cause panic attacks.
  • Traumatic experiences in life like relationship breaks, loss of a loved one, severe performance anxiety, and highly distressing incidents can all cause panic attacks. Even if the person does experience panic disorder in the early period of incidence, it is likely that these incidents can cause havoc even after a prolonged time.
  • Certain phobias can cause a person to experience panic attacks. For example, people having the condition of Agoraphobia, the fear stepping into public spaces, can feel panic disorder if the situation is forced upon them or if they venture into public when they are not yet prepared mentally to do so.
  • A person with breathing difficulty due to other health conditions can go into panic attack mode if they feel threatened by their environment’s lack of clean air.
  • Panic attack can also be caused by the fear of having an episode as once a person experiences it, the death-like feelings of helplessness are trapped in their mind.

Prevent Panic Attacks by Avoiding Triggers

Once a person becomes afflicted with this problem, the chance of panic attack incidents recurring is high. Soon you will be able to recognize what is causing you to experience these traumatic episodes. Even if you are troubled with anxiety issues and panic attacks, taking an anti-anxiety pill will resolve the issue. There are many ways to order anti-anxiety pills from pharmacies. You can prevent panic attacks by mastering self-relaxation techniques to follow any time you begin to feel the onset of an attack. This will help in reducing the feelings of helplessness, make you feel that you are in control, and stop the attack before it happens.